Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Shopping

Just something rather simple for shopping today... not really happy with how the colours turned out, but then Hypercool ended up looking differently on my lid than I expected. But I ended up being really happy with my cheek combo - extreme glowy-ness!

*False lashes courtesy of*
*Die Wimpern wurden kostenlos von zur Verfügung gestellt. Toller Shop mit einer Riesenauswahl an falschen Wimpern, darunter auch meine Lieblinge RedCherry #600 ♥!*

I had actually gone shopping to buy a new coffee maker (Tchibo Cafissimo) but apparently there's going to be a great promotion nex week so they told us to better come back on monday... But at least I got this cute mug with polka dots at Butlers :)

Product List
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, Crazy Metallic Dust #176, Fyrinnae Javan Rhino, Fyrinnae Hypercool, MAC Dusty Coral, Zoeva 88 Mattes Palette, leniLashes #101, p2 sparkling eyeliner, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast
Face: MAC Prep+Prime FaceProtext, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, MAC Loose Blot medium, MAC Lune blushcreme, Hard Candy Honeymoon
Lips: Boots Natural Collection Apple Blossom l/s, MAC Pink Grapefruit l/g

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jewelry inspired

I got this lovely pair of earrings from a little shop in Turkey, run by a british lady who made and sold all kinds of cute and funky jewelry -and decided to use them as an inspiration for today's look because I love the reddish purple with the glitter and little flecks of colour:

And this is the corresponding make up. The pictures don't even do Tapir justice - it's such a lovely colour, deep and smouldering but not too heavy. It is a little more reddish than it looks here and almost looks matte in the jar but develops a subtle highlight once applied.

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Fyrinnae Tapir, MAC Reflects Antique Gold applied with You + Eye Fixing Gel, MAC Chartreuse, Pure Luxe Ocean Ice, Pure Luxe Notorious, Misslyn Lashes on lower lid, Ardell #117 on upper lid, CG Lash Blast, Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cherry Frosting

This weekend, I decided to go with something elegant but intense at the same time, and ended up with this look featuring Fyrinnae eyeshadows:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Fyrinnae Cherry Frosting, Fyrinnae Atomic Afterglow, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Girls Aloud lashes, CG Lash Blast, catrice liquid liner, Maybelline Expression kohl in white

I also wanted to share images of the cupcakes I made for my sister's and my birthday party last saturday (vanilla cakes with mango-passion fruit frosting):

Those of you who follow football probably know about Paul the psychic Octopus - I think he's great, so I made a cupcake dedicated to him (Paul is made of marzipan):

And some "classic" mini cupcakes:

As requested, here is the recipe:

90 g butter
110g sugar
2 eggs
150g flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
60 ml milk OR passion fruit juice
1 tsp vanilla aroma

1/2 cup butter
2 cups sifted icing sugar
mango sirup
passion fruit juice
liquid vanilla

For the frosting, I used some green food colouring, Wilton's 1M piping tube, red currants and a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Before anyone asks me: NO, I did not wear that look out. Truth is, it was not made for going out. Make up for photograpy - especially macro photography, obeys rules somewhat different from "what to put on to look good at work today"? You have probably noticed that most of my looks are not of that kind - I like to experiment and to create something new - not limiting myself to make up that makes me "look better". In addition to that, for me make up and photography (including editing) are two parts of a whole - creating an aesthetically appealing image. I guess realism is not really my thing...:)

Product List
MAc Bare Canvas, Pure Luxe Molton, Pure Luxe Magic glitter, MAC Platinum, Mattèse lashes, micro pearls for nails, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Flowers

Today, I wanted to do something inspired by the summery weather - about 35°C - which we are enjoying (or, at least, trying to enjoy!) right now! I bought this beautiful coral flower hair clip at H&M, and wanted to do a make up to complement it:

Product List
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, MAC Peppier, Fyrinnae Polar Bear, MAC Golders Green, Catrice liquid liner, Maybelline Expression kohl in black, MAC #34 lashes, CG Lash Blast
Blush: MAC Goddess

And a picture of the beautiful red currants in our garden:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Gold

One of my favourite classic looks - featuring MAC Vintage Gold Pigment and the Zoeva Mattes palette:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Vintage Gold, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, essence Liner pen, Salon Perfect Lashes, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Go Team Germany!

I admit it: I've been football-crazy ever since I watched my first World Cup back in 1998. I support two teams: Paraguay and Germany - and since both are playing in the quarter-final today, this is an especially exciting day for me!! It's 1 hour to go until Germany plays Argentina, therefore I decided to do a Team Germany-inspired look - and keep my fingers crossed for my teams!!

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, ModLash Lashes #26. CG Lash Blast, Catrice Liquid Liner, Maybelline Expression kohl in white