Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is one of those looks that come out without prior planning. I had not thought up a con cept or theme, but just stood in front of the mirror with my palette and a few jars of eyeshadow I had at my parents' house, and this is the outcome! I am really fond of this look - I always have a weakness for looks that involve reddish or teal shades...

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Fyrinnae Love Potion, Zoeva 88 Mattes Palette, MAC Vanilla pigment, MAC Vanilla eyeshadow, MAC White pigment, Red Cherry #600, Maybelline Expression kohl in black, CG Lash Blast

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Golden Swan Lake

Tried out a new design last weekend: instead of placing the darker colour on the outer lids, this time I chose to place it in the middle. I started by doing my inner and outer corners in a light yellow shade with satin finish from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette and adding two defining, elegantly curved lines in Gold Dusk (wet). Then I applied Swan Lake to the middle of my lid and blended into the yellow shade with Gold Mode pigment. With a soft blending brush, I blended between the Gold Dusk lines, careful not to accidentally blend them as well. I finished the look with some more Gold Dusk under my eyes, as well as Ardell #27(?) lashes, white eyeliner, pink rhinestones, black kohl and a touch of CG Lash Blast mascara.

Product List

MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, MAC Gold Mode, MAC Swan Lake, MAC Gold Dusk, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, pink rhinestones, CG Lash Blast, Ardell Lashes #27

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Night at the Opera

This look is perfect for a night out! A mixture of baroque, victorian, princess and fantasy style, the basic ingredients are quite simple: lots and lots of lashes and pink sparkle eyeshadow! I have never used lower lashes before, and next time I will probably glue them on closer to my real lashline. Gotta learn trying (:

For the look, all you have to do is prime your eyelids, apply Barry M. Fine Glitter Dust #7 all over your lid (preferably wet with a flat synthetic brush) and blend upwards with a bit of matte pink eyeshadow. Use ample black liner on the lower lid as well as white kohl on the lower waterline and below the lashline. Glue on falsies (Upper and Lower lashes by Red Cherry (bought from, add some mascara and you're done!

This look would be fabulous paired with this dress. It just arrived today and is sooo gorgeous! It was hand-tailored for me by the wonderful Priscilla Dawn. If you like cute dresses, definitely check her out! She's awesome and most of her dresses are real steals at less than $100!

Product List
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Studio Finish in NC15, Pure Luxe Translucent Matte, Lime Crime Primadonna on cheeks
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, Barry M. Fine Glitter Dust #7, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette (matte pink), Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, Red Cherry Lashes # 42 (top) and #33 (bottom), CG Lash Blast Luxe in plum
Lips: MAC Lipblossum, MAC Pinkarat

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Polka Dots

Do you love polka dots as well? Then why wear them only on your clothes? They look great on the eyes too (:!

I created this look using a matte light pink and matte light seafoam from the 88 Mattes palette. I applied pink on the inner half of my lid, and then added the seafoam on the outer half, going up to my eyebrow in a rather defined line. To add the polka dots, I used some Pure Luxe Brat wet with a small brush and dotted the colour on top of the seafoam. Repeat below the lower lashline and finish off with some winged black liner and white kohl on the waterline, as well as a pair of Red Cherry lashes:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes Palette, Pure Luxe Brat, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast, rhinestone star, Red Cherry #WSP lashes