Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crystalled Lime

Just a quick look I did using the 88 palette, MAC Crystalled Lime glitter and some green stars:

Product List:
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, green stars, MAC Crystalled Lime glitter, MAC #2 lashes, Manhattan JT, Red Cherry lower lashes

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Salmon Lilies

The inspiration for today's look came from this picture:

I tried to recreate the lily look on my eyes: First, I drew the outline of the petals with Maybelline kohl in white, then filled them in using white, beige and salmon colours from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette. I glued on some pearls on the lower lashline and some small rhinestones on the outer part. For the lashes, I cut p2 Lengthening lashes shorter, and cut the surplus lashes into separate parts again, then I glued the "single" lashes to my lower lashline and the longer band to my upper lashline. To finish the look, I also applied some black eyeliner and white kohl on my waterline. Voilà:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail, Manhattan JT, Rhinestones and pearls by Misslyn, p2 Lengthening lashes

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Platinum Jade

When I woke up this morning, I had that idea in my head for a really cool tropical look inspired by white sands and waters of a deep turquoise shade - it was fabulous! Well, at least I pictured it to be fabulous, but then I was standing in front of the mirror and failed miserably in trying to get it onto my lids... So I wiped everything away and started afresh with something random, which came out like this:

Note to self: Heritage Rouge just isn't that great if you blend it a lot :/

Product List
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Pure Luxe You Glow Girl! Laura Geller Golden Apricot
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Platinum, NYX Jade Green, MAC Deckchair, MAC Pink Bronze, MAC Heritage Rouge, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white, CG Lash Blast, falsies
Lips: MAC Style it up, p2 Rainbow Gloss in Lovely Peach

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple Diamonds

Hey everyone,

sorry for taking so long to get this week's look up, but life's been so busy that I didn't really have time to edit the pictures from the weekend until yesterday...

Moreover, I Paint my World and Martha have given me a "Creative Blogger" award. Thanks a lot ♥!

The Rules:

1.) Thank the person who gave you this award.
2.) Copy and paste the logo to your blog.
3.) Link to the person who gave you the award.
4.) Tell us 7 interesting facts about you.
5.) Nominate 7 other creative bloggers.
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7.) Let them know that you have nominated them by commenting on their blog.

Hmmm, 7 interesting facts about me? Let's see...

1. I am an extremely messy person! I spread chaos everywhere and never know how my stuff ends up in the places it does!
2. I am passionate about books - there's nothing like a gripping story!
3. My showers take so long that I usually get through half the score of The Phantom of the Opera before I finish.
4. If I were an animal, I would be a squirrel. Nuts all the time and never able to remember where I left my stuff!
5. I am obsessive - if I fall in love with something, I can bug others to no end with it!
6. I am such a nerd - I used to wear my hair like Princess Leia and wielded a lightsaber when I was younger!
7. I hunt mosquitoes with water glasses at 3 am just to put them safely outside.

And now, I nominate the following bloggers:

Lillith's Dark Tower

La Colorópata

Have fun checking their blogs out :)!

And now, on to pics! Purple usually is one of the colours I love to neglect, so this time I decided to go for it! Almost all colours are from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, with added pink rhinestones:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette (purple and seafoam shades), Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white, pink rhinestones by Misslyn, p2 Lengthening lashes, CG Lash Blast

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweeten Up

I haven't done a combo of gold/peach/coral in a looong time, and it's one of my fave combos to do actually, so I decided I'd have another go at it! I used Sweeten Up on the lid and several corals and beiges as well as light pink from the Zoeva palette! Lips are p2 lipstick in Burning Punch, topped with Pinkarat Lustreglass and some orange/green craft store glitter.

Lime Crime Makeup's "Candyfuture Lipsticks Collection" pre-sale is going on now! I have ordered Airborne Unicorn and Cosmopop, and I'm very intrigued by Centrifuchsia as well! Shipping date is supposed to be October 25th, so I reckon they should be here at the beginning of november. Check them out, they look delicious!

And I would also like to introduce you to a fabulous blogger whom I discovered recently and who does the most awesome, creative looks! Check her out:!!

Have a good week!

Product List
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, PL You Glow Girl, Canmake blush
Eyes: MAC Bare Study, MAC Sweeten Up, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white, Red Cherry #600, CG Lash Blast
Lips: p2 Burning Punch, MAC Pinkarat l/g, glitter