Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autumn Leaves

First thing, I now have a Twitter account and I would be happy if some of you who also have Twitter added me :)

Although it is still quite summery here, this look is inspired by autumn colours and leaves. I wanted to practice with a defined eyeliner shape, but still keeping the colours well blended in the inside. First, I drew the outer shape with black kohl, then I added Golden Olive, Museum Bronze and Heritage Rouge pigments, finishing with a touch of Carbon to blend Heritage Rouge and the kohl outline:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Vanilla, MAC Golden Olive, MAC Museum Bronze, MAC Heritage Rouge, MAC Carbon, Maybelline Expression kohl in black and white, Red Cherry lashes #42, CG Lash Blast Luxe in bordeaux

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feather Fairy

I received those green feather lashes by Red Cherry together with some NYX eyeshadows and other pairs of false lashes that I ordered from and thought up a look to go with them. The downside is that they are not comfortable to wear, so I won't be using them too frequently....

For the shadow, I used NYX Grass Pearl in the middle of the lid, Azadé Lime Sparkle in the inner and outer corners as well as a matte turquoise, pink and yellow from the Zoeva palette. I dusted some gold glitter across my eyes (fallout is intended here!) and white eyeliner on the waterline:

Product List
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Pure Luxe You Glow Girl, MAC Pinch of Peach, MAC Pearl Blossom
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, NYX Grass Pearl, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, MAC Gold glitter, Azadé Limesparkle, Red Cherry Green Feather lashes, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast
Lips: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Rozz Revival

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Youtube Tutorial

Magi from Magi-Mania did a video tutorial inspired by my look below, and her version came out beautiful - so if you want a video tutorial on that look, just watch her video (:

Click here to watch Magi's tutorial

Her eye make-up is always fabulous, you can also check out her looks on her blog!

As I have stated several times, I don't do youtube tutorials myself, because the lighting in my apartment sucks and I never got into watching them myself, BUT if I ever decided to do one, what look would you like to see a tutorial for? You can reply with a comment containing a link or picture (can be one of my former looks or a look you would like to see a tutorial on)!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glamour Eyes

Today's theme is Glamour with a capital G! And what's better for this than glorious gold glitter which looks almost like foil? I am in love with MAC's Gold glitter, it's the perfect gold colour, not too warm or too artificial. For this look, I paired it with a matte black on the lid and crease and thick black liner:

Product List
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, PL You Glow Girl, Jane Blushing Orchid, MAC Moon River
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Carbon, MAC Gold, MAC Vanilla, Manhattan JT, Ardell Lashes, Maybelline Expression Kohl
Lips: MAC Style it up, MAC Cremesheen gloss in light pink

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gothic Fantasy

A few days ago, Evichu from La Colorópata posted a gorgeous look inspired by a painting by Victoria Francés. I instantly fell in love with the eye make up - so I decided to do a recreation of it:

Of course, this is not an exercise in creativity, but it's a good training for technique. First of all, I had to keep in mind that I am recreating a painting, which is not bound to the laws of reality-but my make-up is, so I couldn't do a 1:1 recreation of the picture. Second, texture plays an important role in this painting. I had to think how to best recreate the tear streaks and the shiny texture of the eyeshadow in some places. After applying MAC Bare Canvas, I painted the whole lid in black with MAC Carbon, going slightly lower than usual. To get the shiny purple effect, I wetted my brush and applied MAC Plummy wet in the middle of the lid. For a little bit more shine, I added some MAC Brow Gel on top of Plummy. In the outer corners, the colour is drawn out in a v shape and smudged to get a slightly messy look. On the rims I also added some Plummy to get the purple outline for the black. I also used lots of Carbon along the lower lashline, and deepened the black with Catrice Metallic Eyeliner. To create the tears, I used some actual water drops, but I am not too happy with how they turned out. For once, the water always followed the same track... Next time, I would try a different method for this.

The waterline is painted with black kohl, and the mascara is CG Lash Blast (no false lashes this time, because this look is playing rather low on the lashes). For a final touch, I used a small brush and dabbed some Platinum on to recreate the tiny small dots on the original painting.

If you look closely at the original, you will notice that the right eye is less ornate than the left one, so I just used a wash of Plummy and some mascara there. Now the make-up is complete, but since I am recreating a painting, now comes the second part: some darkroom work is required! I used both Photoshop and Lightroom during editing. First, I adjusted the gradation curves to lighten the picture. Then I used the brush tool to create an even base, on which I later used the diffuse glow. To create the iris effects, I coloured them in purple, lowered saturation levels and heightened brightness and contrast several times until I got the desired transparency effect. Finally, I added a white vignette in Lightroom. And this is the final result:

And some eye close-ups without all the effects: