Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back From Europe!!

I'M BAAAACKKKK!! After a missed flight and a 7 hour layover in Chicago, I’m finally back from the most INCREDIBLE 6 weeks of my life! It seems like only yesterday that I was packing up my backpack, ready to venture outside the States for the first time in my life.  Being back home is certainly bittersweet. Of course, I missed my friends and family (and not having to pay for water in restaurants), but I definitely got bit by the travel bug and really did fall in love with Europe. Sigh. Here’s hoping I’ll be back sooner than later. Until then, I have plenty to write about to satisfy my Europe withdrawals. I plan on writing a series of “Eurotrip” posts (as well as various other travel-related posts), detailing my thoughts of what I did and saw in each city I visited. I’ll write about what I thought of the hostels I stayed at, the food I ate, the tours and museums I checked out, and other cool places or things I would recommend.  I hope you all enjoy reading about my lovely Euro adventures!

Oh, and here’s the list of cities I traveled so you know what to look forward to :)

Italy – Milan
Switzerland – Geneva, Lucern, Zurich
Hungary – Budapest
Austria – Vienna
Czech Republic – Prague
Germany – Berlin
The Netherlands – Amsterdam
Belgium – Brussels
Ireland – Dublin
Spain – Madrid, Barcelona

Been to any of these places too? How did you like it? Comment and let me know!

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