Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get Ready With Me ❤ Christmas Day

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Merry Christmas yesterday!! Since I'm moving away to NYC in less than two weeks, presents were light (since I can't take much up with me) but family time was still heavy. I won't go into too much detail since I'm planning on doing a Christmas post so I'll just jump right into my Christmas Day look.

I was originally planning on wearing a bright red cherry sweater, leggings, and scarf (as seen in the video). However, since this IS Florida, after wearing this outfit for no more than 20 minutes, I started sweating unbearably and had to change into something a little more breathable. Hence, the second outfit.

Either way, I knew I wanted to wear red to match my bold red lips. I originally wanted to wear my MAC "Ruby Woo" Matte Lipstick but couldn't find it (I still have lots of unpacking to do from Tallahassee) so I went with my Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick instead (paired with my Revlon "Candy Apple" Lip Butter which I LOVE). Since I decided to go for such dramatic lips, I downplayed everything else. Very neutral eyes and I passed on bronzer and instead used MAC's "Soft & Gentle" Mineralize Skinfinish to give my super pale skin a touch of warmth.

Oh, and for my hair, I was feeling my natural waves so I literally didn't do anything to my hair but spritz it with some leave-in conditioner.

Ta-da! What do you guys think??

What did you all do for Christmas??

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