Saturday, October 26, 2013

My First Trip to Philly: Day One

Since I'll be leaving NYC and the East Coast in only 3 weeks, I thought it was about time I went to visit my best friend (who I hadn't seen since I graduated in the beginning of May) who recently moved to Philadelphia. After I move to LA, I may not have a chance to see her again until we're reunited for her 21st birthday next June in Vegas - yes, we're already planning it.

To go visit her, I decided to travel by bus for the first time. I had heard horror stories about buses so I was a little worried, but after looking up the crazy cheap round trip prices (less than $20 there and back!), I figured even if the conditions were absolutely horrible, at such a low price, I could bear it for 2 hours. After looking at a couple options, I went with Megabus - reviews weren't great but it seemed every bus service had less than favorable reviews.

The night before my trip, I went out after work with friends and co-workers and had a pretty late night and had to quickly pack aka throw random items without much thought into my suitcase and hope for the best.

I took a taxi to the bus stop, passing several New York Comic Con attendees along the way. After going to the one in San Diego for the last 7 years, it felt odd not to be attending this one ocurring in the city I currently lived.

To my surprise, the bus was quite lovely! It was clean, comfortable, and spacious - something I was not expecting. It also had power outlets to charge your phone - thank goodness too because my phone was literally dead as I boarded the bus. ALSO, it had free Wifi and it actually worked!! I read plenty of reviews and all of them complained about the usual non-working wifi. My phone is often very unlucky when it comes to free/public wifi but it had no problem on the bus. It was also exactly on time. So maybe I just got lucky with this particular trip, but after this experience, I would certainly recommend Megabus and look forward to using them again!

After my bestie, Colby, and her boyfriend, Justin, picked me up, we drove back to their apartment so I could drop off my things. For only having moved in in August, their well-furnished and organized place had a very cozy, welcoming vibe that seemed like they had been living there far longer. After some BFF catching up, we went out for a dinner at a little bar/restaurant called The Blarney Stone that operated a food ordering service called Fatboy and Slim's out of it's kitchen. I ordered the Fatboy sandwich which consisted of Buffalo chicken fingers served with bacon, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks on a long roll topped with American cheese and chipotle ranch dressing along with Old Bay fries. It was delicious. 

Before the night ended, we visited a little get together with a couple other Alpha Phi Omega (the co-ed service fraternity we're both in) brothers then went back to her apartment and caught up some more before falling asleep. All in all, a very nice, low-key introduction to this lovely city and I can't wait to see what else the next couple days have in store!

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post! Totally forgot to charge my camera/phone >.<

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