Sunday, June 21, 2009


While I was reorganizing my stash, I came across my Mutiny pigment and realized that I had only used this once, back when Naughty Nauticals came out. Too little use for such a gorgeous colour! I actually wanted to do something different than the blue/purple combo but I couldn't find the other shadow I was looking for (that's when you realize you have too much stuff :P)... So I did my lid in Mutiny, then cut the crease with black kohl, blended upwards with Carbon, Mulberry, Sushi Flower and Orange Sorbet, and lined my lower lid with Carbon and Sushi Flower. Then I used some white kohl to emphasize the liner wings on the outer lid, and glued on essence falsies with light blue glitter on them. White kohl on the waterline and Lash Blast Mascara were the final touches to this look:

Product List
Align RightMAC Bare Canvas, MAC Mutiny, PL Mulberry, MAC Carbon, MAC Sushi Flower, PL Orange Sorbet, Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white, essence lashes with blue glitter, CG Lash Blast

And to show you what he looks like, here's a pic of the little elephant that provided the inspiration for last week' look:

And I probably won't be posting a look for the next two weeks - next weekend is my birthday party, and the following monday I will be flying to Greece for a week's holiday!

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