Monday, January 25, 2010


Recently, while cleaning up my Pure Luxe collection, I came across "Enchanted" and knew instantly that I would have to do a look with it again! It's a fabulous colour and I haven't used it for so long... So I decided to do something all with duochromes and iridescent colours: I applied PL Enchanted in the middle of the lid and framed it with Barry M. Aqua Gold. Then I defined the inner crease with Chartreuse and the outer corner with Orchid and All Girl:

Please excuse the fact that the lashes are all crooked - I only realised they had completely lost their shape when they were already sticking to my lids :S

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Pure Luxe Enchanted, Barry M. Aqua Gold, Pure Luxe Orchid, MAC Chartreuse, MAC All Girl, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, CG Lash Blast, wet 'n wild lashes, basic rhinestones

I also wanted to share a picture of my new necklace with you! I bought it on Etsy from Chic Baby Rose and I ♥ it! It's a pink cupcake and a silver crown with rhinestones:

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