Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Geeky Fashionista Is Back!

Hey guys! Sorry for going MIA from the blogging (and YouTube) world. During my sudden and long absence, I lost my internet for over a month (the main reason I dropped off the face of the interweb - stupid Comcast); went to San Diego for Comic Con (oh, how I wish I could have blogged during that time); anddd I moved from my old apartment of two years into a new townhouse! Add all that to working and getting ready for my final semester at FSU, and I've been a busy girl. But! I have not forgotten you all and my love for this blog so I am BACK AT LAST!!!

I was hoping to come back with a series of Back to School videos and posts but, seeing as I'm writing this laying sick in bed with a fever and bad cough, my health had other plans. Nevertheless, even this sickness won't hold me back for long! I have too much I want to share! =) I have made a whole list of things I want to record and post about but if you guys have any requests, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Also, before I disappeared, I was prepping for my first ever giveaway once I hit 100 subscribers. Well, to my delight, that indeed did happen and I'm planning on delivering as promised! Some of the prizes won't seem as exciting now unfortunately (I was able to receive some Chanel and MAC products before their collections officially launched and some Olympics themed beauty products), but they are still amazing products nonetheless which I hope you guys will enjoy.

To my current 100+ subscribers and whoever else: thank you so much for reading! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long but thank you for sticking around! Check back for more posts soon!! <3

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