Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green Glitter Wings

The idea for this design came to me while I was brushing my teeth - I was wondering, how can I bring bright green, neon orange AND glitter together in one look without it becoming hopelessly loud and garish? And this is my solution:

My first step was to draw the liner on so I knew where I had to place each colour. I applied Kelly Green pigment on my lid and the added some Golder's Green right in the middle and above the crease to give the green some dimension. Then I mixed the glitters with MAC Mixing Medium eyeliner and placed them with a tiny brush in between the black lines, as well as the Neon Orange. After that, I added another layer of liner on top so the lines because clearer. Then I glued on the p2 falsies (aren't they fabulous?? I wish I had bought some more pairs...) and added some more Golder's Green and black liner to the lower lid.

Product list
Eyes: MAC Bare Study, MAC Kelly Green, MAC Golder's Green, MAC Crystalled Lime Glitter, MAC Neon Orange, MAC Chartreuse Glitter, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in black, p2 lashes

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