Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I caved!

Ok, so I am now officially a victim of the recent eyeshadow palette craze! Received my Zoeva 88 Matte palette in the mail today, and it looks really good at first glance. I bought it because I am getting tired of taking all the little pots with me on my travels (especially after I recently lost my Fyrinnae Digital Faerie to a travelling accident in my make up case), and because I need more matte shadows! Mattes, especially colourful mattes, are completely underrated IMO. I find that I am getting bord with shimmer eyeshadows a bit... I used to love them, but now I am rather drifting towards real glitter, or matte shadows. I love using different textures in my looks! Also,I am getting old, and matte shadows make my lids appear smoother ♥

Here is my new colourful flatmate:

Stay tuned for some looks with this palette very soon!

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