Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple Diamonds

Hey everyone,

sorry for taking so long to get this week's look up, but life's been so busy that I didn't really have time to edit the pictures from the weekend until yesterday...

Moreover, I Paint my World and Martha have given me a "Creative Blogger" award. Thanks a lot ♥!

The Rules:

1.) Thank the person who gave you this award.
2.) Copy and paste the logo to your blog.
3.) Link to the person who gave you the award.
4.) Tell us 7 interesting facts about you.
5.) Nominate 7 other creative bloggers.
6.) Link to their blogs.
7.) Let them know that you have nominated them by commenting on their blog.

Hmmm, 7 interesting facts about me? Let's see...

1. I am an extremely messy person! I spread chaos everywhere and never know how my stuff ends up in the places it does!
2. I am passionate about books - there's nothing like a gripping story!
3. My showers take so long that I usually get through half the score of The Phantom of the Opera before I finish.
4. If I were an animal, I would be a squirrel. Nuts all the time and never able to remember where I left my stuff!
5. I am obsessive - if I fall in love with something, I can bug others to no end with it!
6. I am such a nerd - I used to wear my hair like Princess Leia and wielded a lightsaber when I was younger!
7. I hunt mosquitoes with water glasses at 3 am just to put them safely outside.

And now, I nominate the following bloggers:

Lillith's Dark Tower

La ColorĂ³pata

Have fun checking their blogs out :)!

And now, on to pics! Purple usually is one of the colours I love to neglect, so this time I decided to go for it! Almost all colours are from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, with added pink rhinestones:

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette (purple and seafoam shades), Maybelline Expression kohls in black & white, pink rhinestones by Misslyn, p2 Lengthening lashes, CG Lash Blast

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