Monday, October 17, 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector

I've always had really dark circles and no matter how many litres of water I drink and hours of beauty sleep I get, my dark circles just wont disappear!
Ive heard a lot about the Bobbi Brown correctors so I went to test it out at a Bobbi brown counter. The girls there were really lovely, they told me that I needed to keep the area hydrated and recommended their hydrating eye cream as well as the corrector. 
The eye cream is good, but at £28 (the girls said £26 so im not sure whether it differs in John Lewis to online) I feel it was just too pricey, I got a sample pot but I just dont think I can justify spending that much on an eye cream.
However I bought the corrector...

The corrector comes in 'Peach' and 'Bisque' colours. Bisque is Pink based and Peach is peach based. There are a quite a few shades avaliable, I'm an NW25 in MAC concealer and my colour for the corrector is Bisque. 
The purpose of this corrector is to erase the dark circles by neutralising the bluey green purpley tones with pink or peach. In the past I have piled on heavy concealer to do the job that just a small amount of the corrector does.

This product has been a savior for me, the heavy concealer I used to use made the skin under my eyes feel heavy, dry and started to give me visible lines (Eeek!) This product can be used on its own but it is recommended to use a small amount of concealer cover the top. It states to be infused with conditioning agents, it will neutralise discolouration and is easy to blend and isnt meant to crease (it does a tiny bit on me). 

I absolutely love this product and couldnt recommend it enough!

Bobbi Brown Corrector - £17

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