Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REVIEW: Hanky Panky

I'm a believer! Who knew you could feel this comfy AND sexy at the same time? My Big raved about Hanky Panky to me, and I was a bit skeptical at first because 1) the high price tag and 2) the fact that I just HATE wearing thongs - they're just so uncomfortable for me! I came across the brand at a local boutique and decided it couldn't hurt to try... and that was the start of my Hanky Panky obsession. These are seriously the most comfortable of any kind of underwear I've ever tried! The "One Size" fit made me nervous because I'm pretty petite, but they ended up fitting perfectly! I've never been one to care about looking sexy in my underwear, but these definitely make me feel sexy (and at no expense of comfort!). They honestly feel like you're wearing nothing and it leaves NO panty lines! Plus, they come in a huge selection of colors and prints.

PROS: Soft, comfortable, super cute, and no panty lines.
CONS: A little pricey and can be difficult to find.


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