Tuesday, November 13, 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in "Mad For Mauve"

Today I thought I would review my Maybelline Eyestudio Mad For Mauve Eyeshadow Quad from the Fall Scene on the Runway collection. Sorry if this review is a tad bit late..this quad is limited edition and I know they are a little bit more difficult to find now.

Mad For Mauve features a light pink (an excellent highlighter color), mauve-pink, olive, and burgundy-ish color. These colors are just gorgeous in the packaging, but the main reason why this quad caught my eye was because I thought these colors would compliment my brown eyes really well. 

I have to say, I'm a little bit on the fence about this quad. On my fingers, the shadows look incredibly rich and pigmented, however, not so much once applied on the eyelids. It definitely helps using a primer or base, but it still takes quite a bit of building up. I will say that I did like the texture and it did blend very well. There was quite a bit of fallout though so that is something one should watch out for.

These retail for about $8-9 at most drugstores (although like I said they might take a little searching for now.) I wouldn't repurchase it, but I certainly am going to use it up. 

Now just in case you wanted to see these shadows in action (look below)... As you can see, the shadows aren't nearly as vibrant as one would think, but it does look very natural with brown eyes.

Have you guys tried any of these quads? Which ones? Did you like them?

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