Wednesday, October 8, 2014



1. Autumn Walks: Layering up in cosy knits and wooly scarves to go for a long walk on a crisp autumnnal morning. Crunching through falling colourful leaves and conker collecting along the way!

2. The Produce & Markets: Ginger and butternut squash warming soups. Apples, pears and parsnips fresh from the farmers market. Pumpkin spiced hot drinks, cinnamon infused apple pies and warming blackberry crumbles with cream.

3. Halloween: Creative make up and nail art everywhere, the spooky decor and recipes floating around and carving pumpkins - theres something so enjoyable about carving pumpkins, picking the best pumpkin, choosing it's features and watching the tealight flickering inside, illuminating it's fiendish face.

4. Beauty: Changing up your skincare and make up for the cold autumn days. Adding moisturising oils, thick creams and breaking out Nuxe rev de miel to save your lips. Braving vampy lips/Mac Rebel, wearing berry nails and sweeping shimmery golden browns on your lids.

5. The build up to Christmas: Festive songs slowly creeping into the shops, along with Nordic style home decor and warm spiced scented candles. Fairylights twinkling in the streets and getting excited about Christmas beauty advent calendars.

What do you love most about Autumn?

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