Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Chanel Lipstick
Chanel packaging
Chanel La Diva
Chanel La Diva swatch

My first Chanel.

The perfect cure for a gloomy rainy day, this matte shocking pink lipstick is by far the prettiest lipstick I own. The Chanel packaging is lovely and something that I can keep on display and treasure.

This cool, flamingo pink colour is great to wear either with a cosy grey jumper, black leggings and hair thrown up into a ponytail or paired with a lbd for an evening out. Being matte on the lips means that although it's bright, it's still very wearable.

This lasted a good 5-6 hours on my lips and when it faded it left a pretty pink stain. I'm really impressed with the formulation, it felt creamy on my lips and lasted a lot longer than lipsticks normally do on me. 

I have my eye on a red next, when I've saved up enough boots points. Any suggestions? 


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