Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nail care

Nail care flaky nails
As a Make-up artist, it's important to have nice clean nails. When working, I never wear nail polish and so it's important to keep my nails in good condition.

I start by using Tweezerman clippers to cut my nails and to create a general square shape. I then use the Crystal nail file from the Leighton Denny grooming essentials* kit to shape my nails into a squoval shape and to remove any harsh edges. I love using a crystal nail file as you can use them back and forth, they are easy to clean and don't damage your nails as much as an emery board. I rub the Leighton Denny best defence hand and nail cream from the kit onto my cuticles and wait a moment before using the dual ended hoof stick to push back my cuticles and clean under my nails. I then wash my hands to remove any dust and dirt to make sure they're clean again for the next steps. 

I paint my nails with the Sally Hansen Miracle cure which is a clear strengthening treatment. This is a constant repurchase for me as I feel it's really helped my nails! Lastly I drop some Jessica Phenomen oil (which contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e) onto the centre of my nails and let it run around the nail and into my cuticles before massaging it in.

I love taking my time to really look after my nails, I used to have really short flaky nails but since I've started really caring for them (and maintaining a good diet) they grow so quickly and are so much stronger. I normally put on a vlog (I've been loving Anna's!) and then really take my time to look after my nails!

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