Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 SAG Awards: Worst Dressed

For this awards show, I decided to post the Worst Dressed list first. Figured I'd get the bad/blah out of the way first. As always, comment and let me know if you agree or disagree!

#10 - Jenna Fischer - Fendi
I like her makeup, but the dress is simply too boring and shapeless (a common problem of the night).

#9 - Edie Falco - Carolina Herrera
Once again, I like the makeup and there's nothing particular wrong with the dress, it just suffers from being a bit blah and underwhelming.

#8 - Angie Harmon - Monique Lhuillier
I actually love this pink color with her skintone but the whole thing is just a little too much, too young, and too feathery. Plus, it brings to mind images of Bjork and that's never a good thing.

 #7 - Helena Bonham Carter - Marc Jacobs
A HUGE improvement over the Golden Globes! And she's actually wearing matching shoes! Her intentionally bizarre style, however, still lands her on my worst dressed list.

#6 - Mariska Hargitay
She looks great from the neck up, but this purple gown is too simple, too shapeless, and too...blah.

#5 - Melissa Leo
This dress makes her look like a shiny robot... or an alien. The cut is not flattering to her figure at all and makes her appear boxy.

#4 - Kate Mara - Herve Leger by Max Azria
Here is a gown that seriously did not translate well off the runway. I love Herve Leger but this dress is almost hard to look at. Just no.

#3 - Christina Hendricks - L'Wren Scott
She looks like a vampire who just got out of bed and slipped on their bathrobe. The dress does nothing to flatter her curves and the makeup is way too severe.

#2 - Jane Lynch - Ali Rahimi
What is Jane doing in this horrible prom dress? The color looks great on her, but other than that, it looks cheap, odd, and in need of an ironing.

 #1 - Paz de la Huerta
Hands-down, worst look of the evening. I can't find anything redeeming about this outfit.

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