Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mac Please Me

Mac Please Me - £13.50

This is only my second ever Mac lipstick, It's a lot lighter than I thought however I'm happy that I bought it and I love the colour!
It's so funny every time I seem to buy something from MAC, I'm served by someone called Sophie (which is also my name!!) ...obv a sign I need to buy more ;)

I wore this lipstick with winged black eyeliner for a daytime look but for a night out I would wear with a smoky eye and highlighted cheeks.
I love the scent of MAC Lipsticks and the formula is so creamy and hydrating. 
To apply I used my bodyshop lipscuff, then the Bodyshop Lip butter and then Please Me.  

P.s I've had play around with my blog to try and improve it - let me know what you think!


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