Saturday, July 16, 2011

Organix Hair Range

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Products
Organix Moroccan argan oil products
Organix Coconut Milk Serum
Hi guys,
You all know that I'm constantly on the search for natural products that deliver...
Ive been using the Organix range for a while now and so thought i'd do a review.
My mum originally introduced me to the range, she bought me the Coconut Milk serum for christmas :)
I love that Organix products contain no sodium laureth sulfate!
Sodium laureth sulfate is a cheap chemical product companies use that can irritate your skin and damage your hair. 
I love these products, I use the Morrocan oil Shampoo along with the Brazillian keratin therapy conditioner together and my hair feels amazing, i've heard some reviews stating that initially their hair feels quite dry as it is stripped of the chemical/product build up however I didn't experience this. 

I would definately recommend these products, I know i'd much rather put natural ingredients in my hair than risk chemicals damaging my hair!!!

(you can purchase Organix products from Boots)


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