Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lush Soaps

I'm not going to lie, I've always bought a 2 pack of Dove for 99p and never really thought anything of it - I use soap first and then shower gel so I'd usually invest in a nice shower gel and not normally think twice about which soaps I bought! 

Recently in Lush, I've been drawn to their soaps. I actually went in to buy the sweetheart valentines soap but ended up buying these three instead! The Lush assistant pointed out that I bought three of the most moisturising soaps which is good for this time of the year!
I've tried the Figs and Leave soap and i'm already in love. This soap gently exfoliates with the fig seeds and is so creamy and moisturising, my skin felt so soft after using it. All of the soaps range from about £3-£5 per 100grams which is quite a lot I think for soap, however I got just over 100g for each of these soaps and there is more product than a bar of Dove so its not too bad lol. I love the fact that theres so many natural ingredients in Lush soaps, i'm converted!

Lush Honey I washed the Kids Soap - This smells exactly like 'It's raining men' shower gel which is my fave ever lush product. Its a gorgeous Honey-toffee smell, seriously the most amazing smell ever (if you like sweet scents). The use of Honey, Beeswax and Aloe vera extract are soothing and moisturising however the main thing about this soap for me is how good it smells!

Lush Porridge soap - This is a winter must have. It has a really comforting smell, the oats are meant to gently exfoliate whilst the oat milk moisturises. This also has a lot of natural ingredients such as rapeseed oil, orange oil, orange juice and coconut oil - it doesn't smell like any of these ingredients though!

Figs and Leaves soap - This also smells gorgeous, it has earthy notes from the leaves but also is quite sweet from the figs. You can see the tiny fig seeds and pulp in the soap and it gives of a really creamy moisturising milky lather which left my skin feeling super soft and nourished. 

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