Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mac Naturally Collection

L- Redhead R- Summer Haze
I've been checking the MAC website every day since I've seen reviews of MACs new 'Naturally' collection on blogs and youtube. I was out shopping on Friday when I spotted the MAC Naturally advertisement in the shops window, lol I literally squealed and ran straight into the shop!

I picked up Summer haze mineralised eyeshadow and the Redhead MSF. I also loved the 'In the sun' mineralised eyeshadow which is a gorgeous deep gold/brown with hints of violet but at £16.50 each for the eyeshadows and £21.50 for the MSF, I couldn't really justify getting it aswell as I rarely wear dark eyeshadows.

Summer haze is a pale gold with deeper gold running through it, I would use this all over the lid for every day wear but it could also be used for a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow. 
Redhead Mineralised Skin Finish has a gradient of gold to salmon pink, it gives a lovely peach/pink glow and can be used as a highlight or just as a blush on its own. 

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