Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes

Leslyn's Lovely Life

I've been all about the link ups lately and today's come courtesy from Leslyn's Lovely Life, an awesome little blog I found through the GFC Collective Hop.

This week (and honestly most weeks), I've been listening to Sara Bareilles' "Gonna Get Over You." It didn't get as popular as some of her other songs, and I don't understand why because it's SO good!!! And this video is hilarious and so refreshing compared to so many music videos out there with just how feel-good it is! No matter how I'm feeling, if I put on this song I can't help but feel happy - which I find funny considering it's essentially a break up song. But seriously, I dare you to listen to this song and not want to get up and dance (or at least bob your head). This is my close the door when my roommates are in the apartment and dance/spin/jump alone in my bedroom song. And yes, I try to imitate a lot of the dancing in the video and I'm sure any neighbors peering into my window probably thinks I'm crazy XD

What are you guys listening to this week?

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