Thursday, November 27, 2014



Autumn / Fresh peonies / Rain / Frosty mornings & pink skies / Organic strawberries & almond croissants fresh from the farmers market / Early morning cups of peppermint and liquorice tea in my cosy Topshop fluffy dressing gown

I love the thought of celebrating Thanksgiving and with brands in the UK now embracing Black Friday, I've decided to have my own little Thanksgiving celebrations this year.

I'm making sweet potato mash, rosemary roast potatoes, mounds of buttered peas, yorkshire puddings, sizzling veggie sausages and gravy for tea and me and Alex are planning on having an evening of films and chatting about things that we are thankful for. It's important for me to focus on the good things, to stay positive and to try and keep a happy mindset. I love to spend my time pinning inspirational quotes on my pinterest (along with a few quotes thrown in about cats and pancakes!) and I try to write down 10 things a day that I'm grateful for every morning.

I'm so grateful for everyone who leaves me such nice comments and everyone who reads my blog. I've spoken to such lovely people through my blog, instagram & twitter which has kept me positive through some tough times. Thank you so much and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving :)

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