Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Champagne eyeshadow is my absolute favourite colour of eyeshadow to wear. I like to use a flat shader brush to pat on a shimmery wash of colour all over my lids before adding winged liner and plenty of mascara for my everyday make up look. These are some of my favourite champagne eyeshadows:

MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize SkinFinish: After highlighting, I like to dust this light golden champagne highlighter over my lids for a pretty, natural shimmer. I love to use this if i'm in a hurry as I just use any excess product on my brush after I've finished highlighting to sweep over my lids. See swatches here.

Loreal 206 Little beige dress: This buttery pressed pigment is a beautiful light champagne with a hint of peachy pink shimmer running through it. It's long lasting on my eyes and looks great in the inner corners and as a brow bone highlight as well as applied over the lids. See swatches here.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Champagne: This is a really sheer eyeshadow that leaves a light shimmery champagne wash of colour over your eyes. It's very sheer and so is great for days when you want a more natural make up look. 

Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow in Champagne Quartz: This beautiful eyeshadow is a lot more pigmented than the shimmer wash eyeshadows and feels more buttery in texture. It's a beautiful peach champagne eyeshadow and one of my favourite eyeshadows.  

MAC Bare Study Paint PotThis cream eyeshadow is so easy to apply with your ring finger and gives a long lasting, light golden pink champagne wash of colour over your eyes. It brings a lot of light to the eye area and lasts all day on me without smudging or creasing. 

MAC Naked Pigment: This beige, champagne colour pigment is actually really similar to my skintone and so I love wearing it to bring another dimension and a hint of shimmer to my eyes. MAC pigments last absolutely ages as you only need such a small amount and although it's quite a neutral colour the iridescent gold shimmer gives it a lovely glow. See me wearing it here.

Which are your favourite champagne eyeshadows? Any I should add to my wishlist?

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