Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Photo A Day: Week 1

It's the end of Week One for Fat Mum Slim's May Photo A Day challenge and despite my crazy busy week graduating and everything, I was actually able to accomplish it - whoo!! (The blog post a day challenge is another story... I might have been a little overly ambitious there >.<)

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Day One: I Bought This - the thebalm products I ordered a while ago were waiting for me when I arrived home :)

Day Two: Morning Ritual - my morning skincare ritual - video coming soon!

Day Three: This Is Really Good - I graduated!!!

Day Four: In My Cup - celebrating my graduation with my usual drink at my usual bar

Day Five: Paper - bought this for a friend's birthday - he loved it!

Day Six: Broken - broken nails and chipped polish are no fun :(

Day Seven: Something Beginning With F - finally took a picture with this fountain that I used to pass all the time on my way to one of my favorite Tallahassee restaurants

Are you doing the May Photo A Day challenge?

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