Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Instagram Diaries #2

I am finally home for the holidays - yay! It feels so good to be back with my family. After this crazy, non-stop whirlwind of a semester, I am looking forward to a relaxing two and half weeks of sleeping, eating homecooked meals, playing video games, catching up on TV shows, and obsessing over Pinterest.

My journey home was a little delayed, however, due to a little excursion. After my short and stress-free finals week, I headed off for the quiet and tranquil beaches of St. George Island before coming home to the loud and crowded ones. My boyfriend, Chris, and I stayed at his family's super cute beach house where we watched Disney movies, cooked salmon, and gazed at the stars in between walking on the beach and exploring the island and its many souvenir shops. Apparently, the island gets super busy during times like the Fourth of July (understandable), but, during our stay, it literally felt like there were no more than a dozen people in that whole 28-mile stretch of land. It was quite nice if I do say myself. And you couldn't beat the gorgeous night sky. Of course, I Instagrammed like crazy :)
  1. Chris and I decided to be cliched and wrote our initials within a heart in the sand.
  2. The peaceful St. George Island beach. Barely a person in sight.
  3. Chris and mine's footprints. I like how mine looks like it's rising out of the sand.
  4. Walking on the beach - the weather was just chilly enough for me to wear my Express jacket.
  5. Some cool circular mirrors in the beach house (reflecting two framed shell collections).
  6. So there are other people on the island...somewhere.
  7. The reconstructed St. George Island Lighthouse.
  8. Looking back after saying goodbye to the beach.

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