Monday, December 5, 2011

Throughout November

Photos in order:
- DVD's, Mcintosh Spice Yankee Candle and Whittards Caramel Hot chocolate 
- Shiny Conkers!
- November Glossybox
- River Island Make up bag, Marks and Sparks Mini Macaroons

Appologies for the lack of posts recently - I've not been very well and spent pretty much the whole past month in bed sleeping, watching DVD's, drinking hot chocolate and eating Macaroons which my boyfriend has kindly brought me!

I'm sure theres lots of reviews on Novembers Glossybox by now so thought i'd just say a bit rather than dedicate a whole post to it. 
I was especially grateful for this months Glossybox. It cheered me up so much to receive a box full of goodies. It really felt like a 'get well' package! I could pamper myself with the variety of products for my hair, nails, feet and face! Normally I think I would find this only an average box this month but I so appreciated it due to the cicumstances! I can't wait for the December Glossybox, I hope its good for Christmas!

I bought this cute little River Island Make up bag in October but as I haven't worn make up in such a long time I haven't yet had the chance to sort all my make up into it! They do fluffy ones too which look so much better but this one seems more practical as I can wipe it clean - Sure i'll get make up all over it!

I'm nearly better now and so want to focus a lot more on my blog. I feel a bit out of the loop and so want to catch up with a lot of blogs and to start posting more!
I haven't bought anything this past month so neeeed to get out there and do some Christmas shopping, I love Everything about Christmas and so cannot WAIT to get out there and see the Christmas lights and Decorations... Tis the season!



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