Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend in Westchester

This weekend was my little nephew Kendyl's birthday which brought several of my family members including my mom to upstate New York to celebrate.

After getting off work on Friday, I went home and packed for my weekend upstate in Westchester. My cousin, David, and I arrived around 9ish after our hour long train ride and were greeted at my cousin Kim's GORGEOUS mansion with my mother's amazingggg homemade pho which is probably my favorite food in the whole world. After my stomach was more than satisfied, I took a shower and quickly fell asleep in one of the many spacious guest rooms.

Saturday was the big day of festivities. After some mother/daughter time, everyone packed into two cars to head out to the birthday venue at Chelsea Piers in Connecticut. Suffice to say, the place was incredible. It's a HUGE sports center with an Olympic sized pool, batting cages, a running track, indoor beach volleyball, rock climbing, a sundeck, and so much more it was ridiculous. There was also an area that was just trampolines...like the walls were trampolines - I feel like I could be entertained in that room alone for more hours than I'm proud to admit. All the kids in the birthday party went to this mini water park within the center - again, insane - while the older folks like me hung out upstairs in the birthday room eating pizzas and mini cheeseburgers xD Then the kids came back and there was chaos as there is whenever you have 20+ 8 year olds in one contained space. 

After singing happy birthday and eating birthday cake, it was time to go back to Westchester for the after party. My cousin bought TONS of food for guests and while the adults mingled, the kids got to play among themselves. I took this time to film a new video and take a much-needed nap (does that make me old if I get tired watching children exert themselves?). Later that night, my cousin David, my mom and I all headed back into Manhattan where my mother got to experience my six floor walk-up apartment first hand. Despite her doubts, she made it up and got to meet my two roommates. She inspected my apartment with utter disbelief and shock over how tiny it was wondering how we all live in such a small space. I was still very tired but wanted to take my mother out to at least one place before she met up with David to stay the night at his place. Since it was a Saturday, most places were quite crowded but we ended up in small bar and split an order of catfish and wine between the two of us. When my cousin met up with us, we parted ways and I went home to fall asleep.

Sunday, I started off with a lovely brunch with my mom at a cute little cafe near my apartment. I had Eggs Benedict for the first time and it was delicious. Afterwards, my mom and I went back up to Westchester to spend more time together and eat more pho. Sounds like a good end to a good weekend to me :)

How was your weekend?

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