Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Macbook-free Weekend

my cracked Macbook screen
I've resorted to writing my posts at work during my lunch break because my dear MacBook finally died on me. Not quite sure what is wrong with him yet, but I turned him into a Mac repair shop on Thursday to find out. I was told the diagnostic would take 3 business days and then it would be another 3-5 days to fix. So I'm looking at over a week without a computer =( Believe me, I've been going through withdrawals. Either way, it was probably about time I got him in for repair. Last fall, he fell (haha, fall/fell - sorry) off the top of my car during one very distraught day, and I thought he was gone for good. The entire screen was cracked and there were scratches all over his lovely silver shell. The Nerd Squad said nothing could be done and that I should just buy another laptop - luckily, I waited a couple days because lo and behold, he woke up from his laptop coma and has been trooping along without any problems since. Well, until now -__- Anyway, here are the details of my laptop-free weekend.

Friday started off very tepidly. Despite my health going downhill once again (I think that's the third time since I've moved here, would probably be easier to count the times when I'm NOT sick), I decided to spend three hours at the gym the night before. You know how some people go to the gym to get their mind off a breakup or a bad day? I went to get my mind off of mourning the death of my laptop and looming days of computer withdrawal ahead. Such a first world problem and if I wasn't sick I probably wouldn't mind so much because the weather was warming up and I could explore the city. But no, I had to be sick and, therefore, confined myself to my apartment all Friday morning in hopes of being well enough to go out that night for my friend Jackie's birthday. My sick regiment (which I've mastered at this point) consists of rest, a hot shower, Airborne, lots and lots of pho, chicken noodle soup, lots and lots of water and tea, and absolutely no leaving the apartment. Just add some old Office and Law & Order reruns and that describes my Friday morning. My strict sick regiment confinement was worth it though to be well enough to hang out with these two lovely ladies for the night.

Me and my friends, Jackie and Chandra
Saturday was my sister's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday, Melissa!). She had come home to Florida from L.A. to visit my dad on Wednesday but was already back in California to do some editing come Saturday. In her short amount of time home, she made sure to send me plenty of pictures of herself snuggling with cat, Xander, making me both homesick and jealous.

Xander and my sister, Melissa - miss them both so much
I told myself if I couldn't use a computer, I would at least try to educate myself through... Netflix. Thus began my major documentary kick over the weekend. I started off watching Exit Through the Gift Shop (really entertaining and the ending will really make you think - it's quite brilliant), Hecklers (who knew entertainers cared so much?), This Film Is Not Yet Rated (interesting look at our film rating system, but a little hard at times for the prude -yeah I said it - in me to watch), and Religulous (funny sure, but I could have done without Bill Mahr cutting off so many people while they were talking).

Once again, Sunday was my day of rest..with more documentaries! My Easter consisted of me watching Vegucated (it really made me want to try to go vegan), Craigslist Joe (uplifting film showing you the goodness and generosity of people), First Position (so beautiful and inspiring, I almost teared up watching some of the dances), Cave of Forgotten Dreams (*bows before Werner Herzog*), The Invisible War (just incredible - I got so ANGRY watching this at the injustice and the way these women were treated), and The Imposter (mind boggling and kinda creepy). This is literally all I did today..and eat.

How was your weekend?

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