Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Instagram Diaries #4: Spring Break Edition

Here are just a few instagram pictures from my Spring Break trip to Kansas with my family!
  1. The iconic KU Jayhawk! Don't ask me why it's wearing Pilgrim shoes.
  2. Sitting in the fifth row, we had an amazing view of the court!
  3. My sister and I sitting in the stands decked out in KU gear.
  4. A nice shot from the start of the game.
  5. The crowd was AMAZING! KU students/fans sure do love their basketball! I'd definitely be intimidated if I were the opposing team.
  6. We visited my dad's childhood home in Neodasha. He says it's stayed relatively unchanged since he was a boy. Except for the satellite dish on the front lawn, of course.
  7. While in Neodasha, we also paid respects to my great grandmother and my Nana who recently passed away. If you look at the bottom right of the bottom tombstone, you'll see a little blue Jayhawk in honor of her sons who both went to KU.
  8. Coming home, I snagged this Delta SKY magazine for the sole reason that Jennifer Lawrence was on the cover. My sister called me a creeper. I just love my JLaw.
What did you guys do for Spring Break?

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