Sunday, March 18, 2012

VS PINK Collegiate Showdown: VOTE FOR FSU!!

Last week, voting started for the VS Pink Collegiate Showdown!

What is it, you ask? The Pink Nation Collegiate Showdown is a bracket-style voting competition during which students from across the nation vote to determine which campus gets to host the fall annual PINK Back to School Bash, an evening hosted by PINK in honor of the school that wins the Collegiate Showdown. PINK brings tons of games, great prizes, models, and musical talent to the winning campus and throws the party of the year! Past events have featured Drake at West Virginia University (2010) and Kid Cudi with Girl Talk at the University of Illinois (2011).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? To vote, sign up for a PINK Nation account and log in EVERY DAY to vote (you can ONCE PER DAY). You also have the option to TEXT your vote! It’s really that easy.

This year, “Power Hours” are being introduced during which YOUR VOTE COUNTS DOUBLE so definitely remember to vote during that specific hour those days!

Here are the dates for each voting round along with Power Hours:

Preliminary Round: March 14-30
- Power Hour:  March 16th (10-11am EST)
- Power Hour: March 30th (11am-12pm EST)

Super Sixteen: March 30-April 3
- Power Hour: April 3rd (11am–12pm EST)

Outstanding Eight: April 3-6
- Power Hour: April 5th (7-8pm EST)

Fabulous Four: April 6-9
- Power Hour: April 9th (11am-12pm EST)

Top Two: April 9-10

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to vote for FLORIDA STATE! You can also go HERE to RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!


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