Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Topshop Nail varnishes


Topshop nailvarnishes are my favourite brand of nailvarnish. They offer such a unique and pretty selection of colours and I love the names Topshop gives them. 
These are the ones that I currently own...

L - R  Airplane - Windy City - Pool Party
L - R  Deceptive - Prim and Proper
L - R  Adrenalin - Ice Crush - Eyes of steel
 Top L - R  Pool Party - Windy City - Airplane - Deceptive - Prim & Proper & Ice Crush.                                                                                                    Bottom L - R  Prim and Proper - Adrenalin - Ice Crush - Eyes of Steel - Windy City & Adrenalin

The normal shades are £5 each, the glitter and special editions are £6. 
There are so many more shades I want to try! I love all of the colours I have, especially the Windy City with Adrenalin combo! 

Has anyone else tried Topshop nail varnishes

What are your favourite colours? xx

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