Sunday, May 27, 2012

Glossybox May Anniversary Box

Happy Birthday Glossybox!

As Glossybox were celebrating their 1st Anniversary, I was really looking forward to getting my Glossybox this month. I'm happy with the products I got and I love the glossybox mirror and balloon which I think is such a cute touch! 
I did think back to the first ever Glossybox with the full sized Nars illuminator and would have loved another 'wow' product to celebrate this month, however the some of the past Glossyboxes have been really good and it is great value considering the moisturiser alone is £12!
I'm really excited to try the Neils Yard Moisturiser as my mum uses a lot of Neils Yard products and has amazing skin! I don't tend to splash out on moisturiser so it will be interesting to try. The collection gel eyeliner looks nice, although I'm not too sure about the brush, I love the maybelline eyeliner and brush so it will be good to compare them!
I also got a couple of perfume samples which smell nice, but I never really use perfume samples so i'm sure they'll end up with the rest at the back of my cupboard! The Noble isle bath and shower gel also smells good, quite manly so I'm sure my bf will be using it too!

Did everyone like what they got?

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