Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instagram Diaries #6: Spring 2012, Part 2

Part Two of my look at this past semester via Instagram. Follow me! My username is geekyfashionista <3
  1. Bubble Bread from my favorite Tallahassee restaurant, Bella Bella. It is seriously AH-MAZING.
  2. Part of my ever-growing Revlon Lip Butter collection. I'm obsessed!
  3. Market Wednesday with my fellow beauty addict, Big, and best friend. I love this girl <3
  4. My one St. Patrick's Day drink - strawberry daiquiri at the beach during my sisterhood retreat.
  5. Midnight Hunger Games showing! My roommate and I rocked matching Mockingjay pins and side braids.
  6. I was super psyched to buy my NARS Laguna bronzer after lusting after it for so long! And yes, that is my signed (!!) Ian Somerhalder poster in the mirror.
  7. I use to be SO addicted to Angry Birds. This is a little gift a friend of mine made for me - I can't get over how awesome it is.
Hope you guys didn't mind my little stroll down (recent) memory lane!

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