Monday, May 21, 2012

May MyGlam Bag

As noted in my May Birchbox post, at the end of my April MyGlam Bag post I was debating whether or not to stay subscribed or to cancel MyGlam. I finally made my decision...and canceled. Unfortunately, I did it a little too late and got charged for one last bag - which makes this my last MyGlam post (which includes my first/last MyGlam video at the bottom of the post). I'll continue to check out what others are getting each month and, if it improves, I may come back. However, as of now, it just doesn't compare to Birchbox which costs the same $10 which I'd much rather invest somewhere else.

The theme for this bag was "Love Is In the Air" which I found peculiar because we've already had a Valentine's Day themed bag only a couple months ago. The bag is a turquoise color covered in pink lips. It still feels cheap, but I think it's one of their better bags. Now onto what's inside the bag:
  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance - Perfume samples are one of the biggest complaints when it comes to beauty boxes. I don't think it's a good idea for MyGlam to start doing this... I do like the philosophy brand though and this was a really nice, fruity fragrance.
  • Studio Gear Complete Lipstick in Redwood - I've read quite a few MyGlam blog posts and have yet to see anyone with this color. I'm actually quite happy with it and like it more than any other color I've seen others receive. It's a decent lipstick with a nice burgundy red color - although I wouldn't say that it plumped or moisturized my lips all that much (my lips are just huge to begin with). Still, it's probably my favorite item I've received from MyGlam and retailing at $15, it more than covers the cost of the bag which is always a win.
  • Miss Beauty Nail Bling - Haven't tried these out yet. They're a bit too "blingy" for my tastes but perhaps could look cute as accent nails. The pack comes with 20 pieces so you can do a full manicure set twice which is nice. The package also claims no drying time and that it can last up to 10 days.
  • MyGlam Exclusive Concealer Brush and Defining Eyeliner Brush - The MyGlam brushes always seemed like a cop out to me instead of including another actual product so I'm glad these are the last in the set. The brushes themselves I have no problem with. They are quite soft and I've actually used them a couple times while doing my makeup. I have a feeling they're going to start up some other "exclusive" myglam collection of something else now though...

Overall, this wash't a horrible bag. Like the April bag, it shows improvement and is actually pretty well-rounded. However, it doesn't make me regret my decision to cancel. Sure, it's always exciting to get something in the mail (especially beauty products), but MyGlam just doesn't excite me to try their products the same way Birchbox does which was what led me to finally cancel.

Are you subscribed to MyGlam? What did you think of this bag? Did you get a different color lipstick?

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